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The Wealth Creation Effect

April 29, 2022

Finance is in a funny place now. Corporate finance operates under the guidance of the NPV Rule. NPV Rule provides the following guidance to corporate executives: To the extent a corporation sources investment opportunities with […more]

The Key to Valuation in Theory and Practice

April 27, 2022

This article first appeared on The Market, April 17th, 2022 To invest successfully, we have to get a differentiated understanding of a company’s valuation. With this premise in mind, finance students at the University of […more]

Looking Back, Looking Forward – 2022Q1

April 25, 2022

First released 4-6-2022 Recapping the quarter: Looking back at the first quarter of 2022, January was largely a traditional risk-off month when the SP500 index lost nearly 10% of its value by January 27, driven […more]

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