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A Challenging Industry – Autos

Tough sledding when attempting to value companies in the auto industry like Tesla (TSLA) and Ferrari (Race). Tesla’s valuation is in in excess of all 3 (formerly ‘Big”) US automakers, combined. Ferrari is sitting at somewhere around a $4million per car valuation. […more]

Semiconductor Stocks and Banks in (not of) America

January 22, 2020 Applied Finance Advisors

Pausing for a look down from Semiconductor Stocks

Technology stocks in general, and semiconductor stocks in particular had a stellar performance in 2019 with a particularly strong finish during the last quarter. What can one expect for 2020? While the old adage that forecasting is hard, particularly with respect to the future, seems true; we can say that standing here in the present there appears to be a lot of good fortune prices in a number of semiconductor stocks. […more]