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In the world of money management, the term “partnership” is often tossed around by vendors that supply products to investors that have merely created transactional relationships.

A partnership should be focus on understanding the needs of the partner firm, as well as how to better service and engage the end client. In the end, a true partner should be an asset to your operations/clients and be an accurate reflection of your business.

What does a partnership mean to Applied Finance? We think it centers around the 3 E’s….

EDUCATE firms about Valuation Driven Investing
The more you know the better you can convey the benefits of investing in our strategies to clients and prospects.

EMPOWER them to speak about strategy holdings. Our goal as a partner is to empower you to be able to talk about our strategies, investment philosophy, and holdings in a way that positions you as the expert with an unmatched level of preparedness.

ENHANCE client experience

Because we have a time-tested database going back 25 years, it provides our investors with an enhanced viewpoint on how companies perform in different market cycles helping to better explain periods of underperformance to put clients at ease.

Like small grocery stores that take their patrons groceries to their car, we strive to provide a personal touch that larger firms simply can’t achieve. We are not new to this concept, we have established these types of partnerships through our research firm for the past twenty-five years, retaining over 90% of those relationships annually. Using Applied Finance as an outside manager is no different, we don’t look for the “hot money” driven by performance but strive to help our partners explain performance, in good markets environments and bad.