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The recording below is from a recent Applied Finance webinar hosted by Applied Finance Partners, Chris Austin and John Holt, CFA.

John and Chris discuss the importance of moving beyond accounting data to truly understand how a company is performing, some of the adjustments we make to properly value companies and some interesting trends in the US small cap space to help guide small cap allocations.

By digging into Applied Finance’s deep valuation database, we see that US small caps currently look more attractive from a valuation standpoint than they have in 20 years relative to their large cap brethren. John also highlights that valuation data is pointing to profitable, more “value” oriented stocks looking like the best fishing pond for small cap investors and John shows how to avoid poor stewards of capital that can be hazardous to client portfolios.

Click here to view the webinar replay


If you have any questions or feedback on this presentation, email us at info@appliedfinance.com.

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