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Citywire: April, 2021
Applied Finance Featured Boutique of the Month

Bloomberg Markets (Odd lots Podcast): February, 2021
A Value Manager on How Most Value Managers Are Getting It All Wrong

Business Insider: December, 2020
A market-beating investor on Charles Schwab’s exclusive list of top-tier mutual funds

The Market: March, 2020
We Continue to View Large Cap Stocks Favorably

Deloitte Consulting: 2012
Economic Margin is a leading driver for tactical decisions.

Investment News: January, 2011
Bad press makes bank stocks a good buy, says equity researcher

Research Paper – Dennis R. Capozza and Ryan Israelsen: March, 2009
How Quickly do Equity Prices Converge to Intrinsic Value?

CNBC: Bullish On Large-Cap Tech: Ocbtober , 2008
If investors think longer-term, Resendes said, they can expect to profit.

CNBC: Introducing The Resendes Index: Ocbtober , 2008
Resendes Discusses the Market and Whether or Not to Expect Positive Returns

Forbes: Somewhat Cheap – September, 2008
Applied Finance aims neither for hot growth stocks nor for dirt-cheap value ones.

Accountancy SA: ECONOMIC MARGINS – July, 2008
It is contended that EM provides a superior measure that is comparable across companies and has strong links to company valuations.

Economist: March, 2005
Companies on a Borrowing Binge

CFA Magazine: Nov/Dec 2004
Black In The Box

Thomson Financial Special Report: August 2004
Applied Finance – Top 15 Independent Research Providers

MarketWatch: September, 2001  
Stocks’ Value Gauges Bound to Fall

Morningstar: Introduces Rating for Stocks: August 2001
Stock Rating Developed by Applied Finance

CFO Magazine: May, 1998
GM Remeasures the Bar in Latin America

  • The Gross Profitability Trap

    The Gross Profitability Trap “But this time, it’s different!” More foolish words are rarely spoken in the financial industry, but they always seem to find their way back into the stock market lexicon. A firm’s [...more]
  • Intrinsic Value Factor™

    February 4, 2019 Applied Finance

    Valuation Driven™ Investing begins and ends with calculating the intrinsic value of every stock in a benchmark against which a portfolio is constructed, and comparing those values against traded prices. All of Applied Finance’s portfolios are Intrinsic Value Driven™, which differs significantly from a “value” perspective. To gain a better understanding into Applied Finance’s Intrinsic Value Driven™ approach, let’s first review traditional approaches to “Value”.

    The traditional approaches to finding undervalued stocks use a simple ratio such as P/E or P/B, or a mix of them. These common approaches to value come with many shortcomings: […more]

  • Then and Now: Buyers Remorse Versus Sellers Loss

    October 31, 2008 Applied Finance
    Over the past couple months, worsening macro economic conditions, declining corporate profitability and a bottomless stock market have investors longing for the good old days when the economy delivered steady increases in GDP growth with [...more]
  • Economic Margin®

    A corporate performance metric should provide insights into what a firm is worth. Most money managers utilize common earnings-based measures of corporate performance and value, which are suspect and easy to manipulate. Applied Finance developed the Economic Margin (EM) framework to remove the noise inherent in accounting data.

    Traditional accounting-based valuation methods provide an incomplete view of a company’s value by not accounting for the investment needed to generate the earnings, cost of capital, inflation or cash flow. […more]