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The Market: March, 2020
We Continue to View Large Cap Stocks Favorably

Deloitte Consulting: 2012
Economic Margin is a leading driver for tactical decisions.

Investment News: January, 2011
Bad press makes bank stocks a good buy, says equity researcher

Research Paper – Dennis R. Capozza and Ryan Israelsen: March, 2009
How Quickly do Equity Prices Converge to Intrinsic Value?

CNBC: Bullish On Large-Cap Tech: Ocbtober , 2008
If investors think longer-term, Resendes said, they can expect to profit.

CNBC: Introducing The Resendes Index: Ocbtober , 2008
Resendes Discusses the Market and Whether or Not to Expect Positive Returns

Forbes: Somewhat Cheap – September, 2008
Applied Finance aims neither for hot growth stocks nor for dirt-cheap value ones.

Accountancy SA: ECONOMIC MARGINS – July, 2008
It is contended that EM provides a superior measure that is comparable across companies and has strong links to company valuations.

Economist: March, 2005
Companies on a Borrowing Binge

CFA Magazine: Nov/Dec 2004
Black In The Box

Thomson Financial Special Report: August 2004
Applied Finance – Top 15 Independent Research Providers

MarketWatch: September, 2001  
Stocks’ Value Gauges Bound to Fall

Morningstar: Introduces Rating for Stocks: August 2001
Stock Rating Developed by Applied Finance

CFO Magazine: May, 1998
GM Remeasures the Bar in Latin America