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Our deep research roots allow us to provide a level of support that goes above and beyond what traditional outside managers offer. We empower advisors and portfolio managers to help them differentiate their practice.

Here are a few ways your firm could benefit by partnering with our firm:

• Better Engage with their clients
• Quickly evaluate one-off legacy holdings
• Analyze a prospective client portfolio
• Understand the holdings in our strategies
• Explain Market movements and insights

For every holding in our strategy has an initial buy thesis published along with updates for any moves in price greater than 10%. These reports are also supported by full proforma models using Applied Finance robust valuation approach, this ensures full transparency throughout the portfolio management process.

Beyond stock specific research, we provide unique market insights which provide a very different perspective on current events and market movements. Our research support helps advisors stay informed about relevant information in client portfolios, communicate about holdings more effectively and develop stronger client relationships.

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